Bridge of Clay by Marcus Zusak

Bridge of  Clay by Marcus Zusak.  Comments by Moira McAlister August 2020

Much of Zusak’s writing is poetic with evocative images and some critics have slammed this book for overdoing it.  Mostly I loved the writing; his use of short sentences, powerful and unusual combinations to achieve an image.  The first half of the book seems more studied and careful than the second.

The book is long, 600 pages and often repetitive and confusing.  Frequently I put it down wishing it had had a good edit.  Much about horse racing could have been scrapped, especially in the second half.  But his images kept drawing me back.  Here are just some that I had noted.

p 18; this kitchen was a geography and climate all its own: overcast walls, parched floor, a coastline of dirty dishes stretching towards the sink.

p 86; a pair of mismatched salt and pepper shakers stood in the middle (of the table) like some comedy duo

p 345; he was a wasteland in a suit


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