Rhyming Stories

Narrative Poetry is making a comeback with the use of the term ‘Rhyming Stories’ and, being a big fan, I am cheering. Recently an internet based writing support group , NYCMidnight, held an international competition with some very specific rules:

  • Participants were divided into groups of 36 or so, with each group given a different genre, theme and emotion.
  • The work was to be less than 600 words and completed in less than 8 days.
  • Full details of the competition are available here NYCMidnight
  • Successful competitors will progress to Round 2 in December which is 400 words and 6 days and then to Round 3 in February which is 200 words and 4 days.

The details were released at midnight (NY time) on Friday 23rd September and work began. My genre was FairyTale/Fantasy, my theme was Recklessness and my emotion was Amazement.

There were over 3,000 participants, so I don’t expect to progress to the next level, but it was fun to do and the challenge certaily had my creative juices flowing. It has also given me the incentive to revisit other narrative poetry I have written in the past, so look out for more as I will publise them here.

So, here’s my Rhyming Story – hope you enjoy it!


Once upon a time
There was a forest, far away,
The vines grew thick, the light was dim,
No bird or beast was seen within,
A haunting silence ushered in
The dark, at end of day.

For there, inside the forest’s might
A dome concealed a place of light,
Of food and joy and all delight
Old Rhyn, the witch, created.
One last thing that she desired,
A girl to share what she acquired,
She tricked an artist who had sired
A child called Angelique.

The forest kept its secret well
For ten long years they would dwell
And there Rhyn taught her every spell,
Every curse and potion.
The forest creatures had all fled,
The birds had heard what had been said,
And as the artist lay abed,
They told him what had happened.

He dreamed the words ‘go and seek
A forest, haunted, dark and bleak
And there you’ll find your Angelique
Your child so wrongly taken.’
And so, one night the artist came
His eyes were dull, one leg was lame
He hobbled on an ancient cane
And told his tale of woe.

‘I gambled recklessly and lost
I wanted fame, but what the cost?
I tried, too late, to double cross
The price was Angelique.
He drew for them her lovely face
Described her gentleness and grace
‘She disappeared without a trace,
Now I’m too old to find her.’

And all who saw were mesmerised,
The easel’s message undisguised,
The portrait’s spell had energised,
The crowd to set her free.
‘Look for a dome,’ the artist cried,
And there you’ll find her safe inside,
And bring her to my dying side,
I’ve no more strength to live.’

The old folks slowed and fell behind,
Their path was blocked as vines entwined,
The girls and womenfolk confined,
Imprisoned in a maze.
But still the reckless, wild young men,
Began to race and chase and then
They halted, still - then crept again
Towards a wide abyss.

Their faces showed their dumbstruck awe
Dismayed with shocked surprise and more,
Amazed to see the forest floor
Disappear before them.
‘What trick is this?’ the lads exclaimed
‘What magic lurks? What force untamed?’
And suddenly they were ashamed
Of heedless, careless action.

Young Will spoke up, his voice was clear
‘I feel there is a presence here
Of some great beauty, very near,
And, yes! I see the dome!’
They crawled away from certain death
And climbed the dome until their breath
Was laboured and they’d lost their strength
They couldn’t find the door.

They lay exhausted on the dome
So close, so far and so alone
And weary, turned their thoughts to home
Defeated in their mission.
But Will stayed on, his heart aflame
As days made weeks and all the same,
He never faltered in his aim,
And then he saw the door!

He slipped inside, the world was bright
A paradise of all delight
The girl among the flowers a sight
That stole his heart away.
She saw him too, her heart did soar
They scrambled quickly through the door
Their love was sealed forever more
In that first brief encounter.

‘But wait,’ she said, ‘I have a spell
Forever here the witch will dwell
I waited, knew you’d come, please tell
Me that my father lives.’
‘Yes, hurry now, we must away,’
And on the evening of that day
Will brought her home and there to stay
With happy ever afters.